Live Wedding Budget

Budget So Far

Weeks Left: Approx 90

Budget Spend So Far
Legal Ceremony £894 £0
Venue £0 £0
Photography £1,550 £0
Cake £90 £5
Decor £511 £35
Drinks (Weekend) £500 £0
Drinks (Wedding Day) £500 £0
Food (Weekend) £500 £0
Food (Wedding Day) £538 £38
Activities £810 £5
Outfits £686 £161
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen £325 £0
Favours £200 £0
Total £6,904 £138


Legal Ceremony: Hire of the town hall, wedding rings, notice of intention to marry, marriage certificates and budget for a meal afterwards

Venue: Location hire for 26 bedrooms over 3 nights, marquee hire and decor, lights, tables/chairs and registrar. This is free as it costs approx £100 pp and we will be asking them to pay for their rooms (as most would need to get a hotel and we will cover the cost of food and drinks for weekend).

Photography: Photographer and videographer. We haven’t started looking yet but we’ve set a fairly high budget aside as we both feel strongly it is something that will last forever. Hopefully want to bring it in as close to £1k as possible.

Cake: Read my posts here about how I’m going to bring the very fun cake in under £100.

Decor: Guest book, table decorations, picnic covers and throws, candles and bunting.

Drinks (Weekend): Soft drinks and alcohol for the weekend of the wedding to feed our guests.

Drinks (Wedding Day): Drinks for the wedding day.

Food (Weekend): Food for the weekend of the wedding to feed our guests.

Food (Wedding Day): Food for the wedding day. Read my posts here about our picnic wedding food.

Activities: Since our guests are paying for their rooms, we want to pay for them to do a few activities on site such as clay pigeon shooting and archery.

Outfits: Wedding dress and Grooms suit. Check out my progress on my dress here.

Bridesmaids / Groomsmen: Bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits.

Favours: We won’t be doing traditional favours for everyone but do want to give the wedding party and parents gifts to say thank you.