Essential Items You Need to Pack for Your Winter Holiday

Last year I went to Russia and although it was one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences, I was ridiculously cold for 10 days straight. Don't make the same mistakes I did and remember these essential items!


10 Overnight Bag Essentials

goyard overnight

With Christmas around the corner, there's a good chance you'll be staying with family members, grandparents and friends as you celebrate the holidays. This is a basic list of what you'll need in your overnight bag.

5 Ways to Smartly Pack a Suitcase

Throwing clothes in a suitcase for your latest adventure seems like an easy tasks but these 5 tips could help you pack a little smarter next time. Don't forget to check my 'Packing Guides' to ensure you're not taking anything you don't need. Combined with these tips, you'll be enjoying a stress-free organised suitcase...

Packing List: Autumn / Fall Holiday

Autumn (or Fall to our American friends) is a very strange time of year where it's not too cold to wrap up in laters but not too warm to bust out the summer gear. Therefore you should aim for somewhere in the middle with layers to add if it get's too cold. Below is my packing list for travelling in the Autumn...