My Cornish Experiences

st michael's mount

At the start of the year I travelled to Cornwall with my Fiancé, Mum and Dad. Here's my review of the time we spent there...


Essential Items You Need to Pack for Your Winter Holiday

Last year I went to Russia and although it was one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences, I was ridiculously cold for 10 days straight. Don't make the same mistakes I did and remember these essential items!

Beat the Boredom at an Airport

bored at an airport

So you're stuck at the airport and you have just that annoyingly specific amount of time to kill where leaving the airport isn't worth it. Or perhaps you're past security and still have hours until your flight. Or you're one of the unlucky people who's plane is delayed or even cancelled (~20% were delayed last year) so I've crafted a post about the top 8 things I like to do when killing time at an airport.

Basel, Switzerland Review

Basel, Switzerland

In March 2017 I got to visit Switzerland for the first time for work. Here's my mini-review on the time I spent there...

My Photo Album: Norwich, UK

Norwich, Uk

In April 2017 I was lucky to visit Norwich to see my best friend Mike. My Fiancé, Mum, Dad and I all travelled to East Anglia to see that part of the country. Here are the best pics from that trip...