slim - slimline wine

Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs and Low Calorie Wine Review

SLIM by SlimLine wine is a new low-calorie wine you can enjoy and still drop the pounds. Due to the stigma of 'low-calorie alcohol' I thought I would review for you to dispel some of them myths...


Dye Your Own Hair, Save Money and Get It Right

Watch as I walk you through the process of dying your own hair for the first time to save that important money and get you further towards your debt-free goals...

Monthly Progress Report: February 2018

On the one hand, I'm really thrilled that I didn't stall or put on weight but losing so little was not my aim either. However I know where I went wrong and have goals to fix it in March. Watch this space...

10 Mothers Day Gifts For Under £10

Mothers Day is a time to show your Mum, Stepmum or Grandma how awesome they are. But what do you do when they mean the world to you but you're on a debt-free journey? Check out these frugal ideas inside...

Essential Items To Pack for Your Wedding Day

Looking, smelling and feeling good on your big day is very important so take a look at what essentials you need in your emergency wedding day box...

how to make protein pancakes

How to Make Delicious Low-Calorie Protein Pancakes

This Pancake Day we decided to do something a little bit different to keep on our weight loss goals. These pancakes are stupidly easy to do so why not give them a go...

Calorie Counting: Fruit

Fruit is a source of a lot of good nutrients however certain pieces can be loaded with sugar and calories. Check out this list of 50 different fruit and their calorie counts to help your smoothies and snacks go a little smoother and lighter.

Essential Items You Need to Pack for Your Winter Holiday

Last year I went to Russia and although it was one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences, I was ridiculously cold for 10 days straight. Don't make the same mistakes I did and remember these essential items!

Monthly Progress Report: January 2018

January is a hard month as we all tend to set ourselves unrealistic goals. I knew that I had put on a bit of Christmas podge and needed to lose it! So my goal was to get back to pre-Christmas weight which I thankfully hit. Here's how...

healthy lasagne

Healthy Version of Lasagne

You'll never get anywhere on a diet if you deny yourself the food you want for the rest of your life. Balance is making healthier versions of the food you already love so you aren't without. Here's advice for how to make a low-calorie lasagne with some simple swaps.