Essential Items You Need to Pack for Your Winter Holiday

Last year I went to Russia and although it was one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences, I was ridiculously cold for 10 days straight. Don't make the same mistakes I did and remember these essential items!


Price Lists: Hair Cuts & Treatments

18 year-old me had never been to a salon. Unfortunately my 'friend' took me to my first in Chelsea and I paid close to £200 for a cut and colour. I had an idea that it seemed expensive but no idea how much cheaper you can get it elsewhere. Here's a price list for what I've researched into being local prices, average high street prices and expensive prices...

20 Cheap & Free Things to Do in Winter

blanket fort

Winter is the season where you can often feel too drained and too poor after the madness of Christmas however it's a beautiful season and yours for the taking. Inside are 15 cheap and free things to do this winter...

The Only Beauty Products You Need to Buy

basic make up kit

As much as anyone else I love bath bombs, day perfumes, hair oils, night perfumes, lip masks, body sprays and all beauty products that promise to make me look like a model. However what do you really and only need in your life?