How to Make Delicious Low-Calorie Protein Pancakes

how to make protein pancakes

This Pancake Day we decided to do something a little bit different to keep on our weight loss goals. These pancakes are stupidly easy to do so why not give them a go...


Calorie Counting: Fruit


Fruit is a source of a lot of good nutrients however certain pieces can be loaded with sugar and calories. Check out this list of 50 different fruit and their calorie counts to help your smoothies and snacks go a little smoother and lighter.

Healthy Version of Lasagne

healthy lasagne

You'll never get anywhere on a diet if you deny yourself the food you want for the rest of your life. Balance is making healthier versions of the food you already love so you aren't without. Here's advice for how to make a low-calorie lasagne with some simple swaps.

Low-Calorie Winter Soups

low calorie soups

Soups are winters salads. They are an amazing volumetric food meaning they fill you up for not a lot of calories. If you're starting your weight-loss transformation this 2018, bang in the middle or coming to an end, soups do not get enough credit for how filling and cheap they are. Inside are 5 soups to fill you up this winter.

My Answers To Your BS Weight Loss Excuses


I am a very tough-love kind of friend. I'm there when you need me but if you want some help, I'm your girl to kick you out your slump and give you some straight-talking. I have all the time in the world to help you get to your goal but don't give me any of the excuses's below - they are holding you back! I apologise in advance of this rant post - I just want you to get out of your own way!