I grew up in a ‘budget-concious’ house is an understatement to say. I was taught the value of money from a young age; I would play cards with my Dad for money and if I lost then he would cash in. I was given money and explained that it was a loan. My parents did an excellent job in making sure I had what I needed and wasn’t a spoilt brat.

As a student in my later teenage years into young adulthood I lived in London. If you can’t be frugal there then you have no life. I learnt to budget my money and spend my social life doing free or cheap activities with friends.

I’ve worked since I was 15 and always pushed to make that extra bit or money to better live my life the way I want. Currently I have an amazing job working in senior management for a company that works with pre-owned luxury items – perfect for finding a new bargain at a great price. I genuinely feel that if I wasn’t a staff member, I would be a customer.

I feel like I’ve travelled more than most but it never feels like enough. In recent years I’ve been to Moscow, Paris, New York, St Petersburg, California, Madrid, Switzerland, Florida, Amsterdam and all over the UK. My bucket list for travelling is forever expanding and I hope to never stop trying new cities and experiences.   

I met my fiancé 4 years ago and we got engaged in July 2017 with a wedding in the planning stages for 2019. We’ve chosen to wait this long to do it all for a good price and to just enjoy being engaged for a while. He won’t feature too much on the blog as it’s not his thing but writing about the planning process keeps me sane and all my thoughts together.

I have an amazing group of supportive friends and I love nothing more than catching up with a coffee, going shopping together and trying new experiences – but I make sure I do it all as frugally as possible. Why pay more just to socialise?

I wish I had a resourceful blog growing up so my goal is to write ideas, recommendations and plans that I hope will help someone out there. This blog won’t teach you to save your pennies and have no life but to enjoy your everyday, expand your world and pay less than the person next to you.

– Luci Olivia –