new york city

My Photo Album: New York, USA

In November 2015, my partner and I travelled to Manhattan to experience NY together. He had been before but I had never been that lucky. Here’s my photo album of my highlights!

I should mentioned I’m much heavier in this pictures (and with the pics of the food you’ll see why). This trip was actually what made me realise I needed to care of myself and the day I returned was the first day I started my transformation. Also, my eyebrows suck! Don’t know what I was thinking.

Before we get into the pictures, I just want to mentioned how we afforded to do this. We looked for every deal we could and actually stayed in a friends spare apartment so the return flights were approx £200 each from London, train to London was £40 each and accommodation was free. Always shop around months ahead to see what kind of cheap deals you can wangle!

 All packed and ready to go…

Purchased some reading material once we landed.

As soon as we got into NY, we headed for the infamous Times Square!

And finished this long jet-lagged day with some tax-free shopping.

new York City
ad to get one of these for after dinner – as seen on Scary Movie 1

I was very excited to find that the Pumpkin Spiced Latte ran well in November in USA.

The side of the beautiful 30 Rockerfella building.

We didn’t go ice skating but it was very beautiful and soothing to watch others.

Behind that handsome man, you can see the NY Christmas Tree being decorated with scaffolding on. 

The decorators cut off a piece of the tree for me as I stood outside my favourite NY building! This is bucket list stuff!  
For lunch we had a cheeky Five Guys – which wasn’t as good as UK I felt!

Tiffany in New York City! Goals!

Beautiful Tiffanys at Christmas! My Fiancé treated me to a New York charm for my charm bracelet – ah! My charm! Love it to this day.

The weird and wonderful Hammacher Schlemmer store.

Spread the L-O-V-E.

Times Square at night!

Ending the night with a hair cut in Brooklyn.

The sun outside our apartment.

Getting a Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee for breakfast! No wonder I got so fat!

Watching the seal show in Central Park.

With my man in Central Park.

The Central Park Zoo. Not a real turtle…

A classic NY hot dog in the park.

Smiles in the park!

The lake, in the park, in the city of dreams.

Ice-skating – but lego!

This man skulking around NYC.

Grand Central #1

Grand Central #2

Grand Central #3

Just a house. But a house that just looks SO New York to me.

More NY house steps. I can’t get enough of them.

This was a highlight of mine. An amazing exhibition. Email me if you want pics but I won’t spam this post. I took pics of everything though so let me know.

Wayne’s World!!

The NBC studios! 

We scored free tickets to Late Night with Seth Meyers.

After the show, loving my man more for indulging me.

Big lovely nerd 🙂

My first IHOP!

Meat, eggs and pancake felt so wrong but so right…

The beautiful Empire State from afar on one of our wanders.

Barcade #1

Barcade #2

Barcade #3

Loved the subway in NYC!

Posing in New York #1

Posing in New York #2

Thank you NYC! See you again soon.



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