Frugal wedding

My Mum and Dad’s Beautiful Budget Wedding

On April 25th 1987 my Mum and Dad got married. As it’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to do a short and sweet post on my Mum’s frugal wedding. Times have changed but we can certainly learn a lot from the way they chose to prioritise their finances over a big party.

My parents have been together since 1983 and never really wanted a big wedding, in fact they openly say they got married just to have kids. Mum says she was pretty adamant she didn’t want a fussy wedding and if she had the money, she would still have had a small and quant wedding. You can see where I get my frugalness from!

When looking for a dress, Mum went shopping with my Nan (her Mum) to get an idea of what fit or style dress they would go for and, similar to my story, she found the dress on day one. It was Mum’s dream dress but was £300! Nan got out her purse and treated Mum as a wedding gift – she was an amazing woman like that.

There was no stag or hen do, Mum and Dad just went for a cheap meal in ‘The Middle Bell’ in Barton-Under-Needwood before the wedding with a few friends and family.

My Mum tells me that at the time, there was only the option to get married at a Church or a Registry Office. As they weren’t the religious types – and some churches needed you to be members already – they opted for a Registry Office wedding. There were no cars booked to and fro the ceremony – my Dad was just going to drive them but Nan (my Mum’s Mum) secretly booked a car to take Mum to the wedding.

The wedding was held at Burton Registry Office – where the latest time you could get married at 12:00pm! Mum can’t remember the cost but she assures me it wasn’t expensive! Only 20 people attended involving just close family and friends. A friend of my Dad provided Photography for less than £100. The pictures are not incredible but what cameras were in 1987!

After the ceremony, everyone came back to my parents house to enjoy a reception in the garden where Mum had prepped her own catering – how frugal! Afterwards, everyone went down the local pub – The Drum and Monkey – for a dance at a disco. They even had a few friends who weren’t local to the area stay over on their wedding night – can you imagine!

On the Sunday they went for a meal whilst everyone was still in the area then on Monday they had a very frugal honeymoon. Mum tells me it was £99 per person for an all inclusive week in Spain.

Frugal weddingThank you for reading about my Mum’s frugal wedding – I can’t imagine it cost them more than £500 for everything! I’m so impressed and clearly, budgeting and saving must be in my blood.


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