Monthly Progress Report: February 2018

This Month Weigh In: 141.00lbs
Last Month Weigh In: 145.00lbs
Monthly Weight Loss: 5.00lbs
Starting Weight:
Weight Loss in Total
: 27lbs

I suppose I should talk about February. It was… February.

On the one hand, I’m really thrilled that I didn’t stall or put on weight but losing so little was not my aim either. However I know where I went wrong and have goals to fix it in March. Watch this space!

My weight loss journey started on 24th November 2015 and since then, at my lowest, I’ve lost around 30lbs. I had been in New York for 2 weeks and came back at the heaviest I’ve ever been – it was devastating. Weight loss does not come easily to me and I struggle with food issues everyday. I’m hoping that by writing these monthly posts, I will do this the healthily way rather than eating half as much as I should and yo-yoing in weight.

I have an array of body confidence issues that have stemmed back as long as I can remember which have crept in my head every day. Looking after myself, eating well and excercising isn’t a vanity thing for me, it’s just a way to stop the self-hating thoughts that creep up when I know I’m not taking care of my body.

Every month I will be weighing in and discussing how my month went and what things I did toward my progress. You can follow what I ate by adding me as a friend on MyFitnessPal @LuciOlivia27

If you want to follow my transformation journey, don’t forget to follow via email or WordPress for updates.


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