10 Mothers Day Gifts For Under £10

Mothers Day is a time to show your Mum, Stepmum or Grandma how awesome they are. But what do you do when they mean the world to you but you’re on a debt-free journey? Check out these frugal ideas below.

I love creating little ‘box of bits’ for friends and family because I find that themed little boxes with a few trinkets and gifts will mean more than one not very thought out expensive present. There’s nothing wrong with buying an expensive necklace if that’s what they want but take a look at the ideas below for some alternative, well-meant gifts for your Mum this Mothers Day.

To create any of the below, buy a box (or use any spare boxes you have around the house) and fill with these different arrangements for a truly adorable Mothers Day gift.

  1. The Pamper Set – The tried and tested pamper set! Some classics include facemask, moisturiser, foot mask, hand cream and a hair mask.
  2. The Chef’s Delight – Is your Mum a whiz in the kitchen? Treat her to some oils, spices, herbs or anything else you know she needs for her kitchen.
  3. The Wine Lover Set – You can usually buy miniature wines for £2.00 – £2.50 so grab 4-5 and share a glass or two with Mum this year.
  4. A Reading Box – add a book, some tea bags and a cupcake to give your Mum some relaxing reading time (hopefully by a roaring fire).
  5. The Chocoholic Dream – visit the shops to fill up on hot chocolate sachets, slabs of chocolate, chocolate sprinkles, dipping chocolate and mocha syrup.
  6. A Diners Delight – fill a box with ingredients for your Mum’s favourite meal, once it’s opened, take it off her and get in the kitchen!
  7. A Firepit Kit my parents have an open fire in their house so fill up a box with a DVD and some smore cones (honestly trust me, just google these!)
  8. Flower Power – rather than a box, grab a wine bottle bag and fill with several small bouquets for your Mum to place in all the rooms for a spring addition.
  9. A Cheesey Box – Buy 1-2 cheeseboards from your local supermarket or deli, wrap up individually. Don’t forget chutney and crackers!
  10. A Candle Kit – Does your mum love smellies? Fill up a box with candles, reed diffusers, wax melts and room sprays.

To keep the cost down, there are several places to buy cheap items for inside your gift box – but these are my tried and tested places:

  • For cosmetics – Savers, Superdrug, Poundland, B+M and Home Bargains.
  • For ornaments or candles – The Range, B+M, Home Bargains or Poundland.
  • For Blu Rays / DVDS – webuy.com (CeX) is on every corner and online.
  • For food / Snacks – Supermarkets, B+M and Home Bargains or Savers.

My mum and i

However, as any Mum with grown up children will attest to, all they really want this Mothers day is to see you so if you do nothing else, just make sure you see your Mum this year!

Happy Mothers Day to all the kick-ass Mums out there!


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