Essential Items To Pack for Your Wedding Day

Looking, smelling and feeling good on your big day is very important so take a look at what essentials you need in your emergency wedding day box.

In the beautiful hot summer of 2017, I was a bridesmaid for a wonderful friend that I consider a sister. To ensure she, and all of the wedding party, were sorted, I put together a wedding day emergency box that anyone could use to spruce up before we went into the day.

These items were all sourced from Savers, Superdrug & Poundland (or were items I already owned and had never opened) so this project cost me approximately £15 to put together – not a big cost to ensure everyone was sorted on the big day. There are official companies who do these kind of boxes (which is where I had the idea from) but who wants to pay someone else to do what you can put together yourself for a lot less!

So what actually was in the box and what should you put in yours?

The Contents of My Box

  • Plasters – For heel paid and general basic first aid
  • Ibruprofen – For headaches and morning after hangovers
  • Paracetamol – Some people prefer paracetamol!
  • Lip gloss – For the Bride
  • Mouthwash – For the Bride before she walks down the alter
  • Deodorant – For any last minute sweating (spray on only!)
  • Dry shampoo – For everyone to have a spruce before the ceremony
  • Body spray – For spraying around once dressed
  • Perfume – For the final touch of scent
  • Hairspray – For men and women in the wedding ceremony
  • Disposable razors – For any last minute under arm / leg hairs you didn’t realise were there.
  • Moist wipes – For morning after refreshing or redoing make up
  • Mints – again for the Bride and Grooms first kiss
  • New hairbrush – I had my own but this was for other bridesmaids incase anyone forgot day emergency box

5 Other Ideas

  • Backcomb powder – to give everyone that extra oomph to their hair.
  • Protien bars – for the Bride as it’s a common thing you forget to eat.
  • Spare tights – for everyone including the Bride.
  • Hair grips – in the colours of everyones hair,
  • An extension cord – all those straighteners and curlers need to be plugged in somewhere.

To summarise, if you’re a Groom, Best Man, Bride, Bridesmaid or anyone else involved in the day then consider putting together one of these boxes. Mine was used much more than I thought it would do and everyone was grateful.

Let me know via a comment if you’ve done one of these boxes!




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