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10 Ways to Own It at a Shopping Event

Attending a grand sale event – you know the ones where vendors set up stalls in a large building and offer their goods at a discounted price – can be a daunting first experience. I have attended these events, sold at these events and interviewed a few vendors who sell for a living. Below are 10 quick tips to help you have a stress-free, bargain filled day:

1 – Read the Rules (before you go in)
At the most recent event I was at, you couldn’t take prams in. We saw A LOT of disgruntled ladies carrying their babies. Avoid any problems and read up on what you can and can’t take in.

2 – Know your Friends
As much as you love Wendy from work, Wendy classically likes the luxury shopping experience and will traditionally shop at boutiques where she is offered champagne or coffee. Take along your friend Tina who loves a bargain (like you) and will laugh her head off whilst you both try on clothes in a crowded stall with strangers.

3 – Prepare your Day
Go in with a general idea of which stalls you’re interested in and which can be whizzed past. Preparing should also cover making sure you have a bottle of water or any coffee’s you need (refer to step 1 first though!).

4 – The Best Time is Before it Opens
Many of these events will have a VIP option where you can get in an hour before anyone else. You will benefit from the best customer service, focused vendors and being able to see before anyone else. Recently at Ascot Fashion Weekend, it was £4 for VIP tickets and came with a £5 voucher to spend at any stall – can’t say no to that.

5 – The 2nd Best Time is As it is Closing
Get all your main shopping done in the day but don’t forget to check with the vendors in the last 30mins. Not all but a few might be hasty to take less back home with them and will accept a lower price.

6 – Take a Tour
Charge through and scan the room first before committing to anything. You may look like a power walker but will be worth it. Vendors near the door might have higher prices than those further back as they are counting on you buying from them before shopping around. Get your bearings, locate the loo’s and arrange a meeting point with a friend incase you get split up.

7 – Keep Valuables Safe
The odd’s of getting anything stolen is low but there’s always a few nasties in the crowd looking to take advantage of when your attention is elsewhere. Keep your essentials in a zipped bag or pocket.

8 – Take Cash
I was surprised at how many vendors don’t take card. You would think it’s a modern day necessity for them and would lead to more sales. However some looked at ME like I was bonkers when I produced my card to pay. I actually went to get cash for some items and never returned due to distractions.

9 – Be Cheeky
You might as well ask for 10% off. If you don’t get it, you walk away having lost nothing. A lot of these vendors do this only with no boss to answer to and will sometimes discount to make the sales.

10 – Try Something New
Tell your friend(s) your dress size and let them pick out something for you to try on. My friends and I go with the rule ‘something you would NEVER pick up but I think will look good on you’. It’s a long rule but can lead to wonderful surprises.


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