Our Frugal Valentines Day

For valentines day, we had a plan to spend as little as possible. Read how we get our celebrates to £10 each including food and presents!

This is the story of our frugal Valentines day, if you’re looking for some ideas, why not check out this post on 30 cheap, free and easy valentines day ideas you can use for your next date night.

09:00am In the morning we got up and went to the gym. Partly because we knew we had lots of food coming in the evening and partly because we’ve got good momentum with attending the gym at the moment and both didn’t want to lose it. As we pay for the gym monthly, this was no extra cost to us.

Spend: £0


11:30am: By the time we were done at the gym, we were starving for some brunch. But rather than spend money, we riffled through our vouchers folder (yes we have one!) and found £20 on a voucher for Capello Lounge so we used that with our food totalling £19.50.

I had a delicious bacon, sausage and egg muffin and he had a full breakfast. This food was amazing and saw us through until our evening meal. Not pictured was a coffee each and a diet coke we shared. Sorry for the dark pictures, we weren’t seated at the best table for my blogging needs!

Spend: £0 (profit of 50p actually!)


In the past, we have gone bonkers buying things for each other at any excuse. For this Valentines day we decided to play a game. We could only buy each other 5 things from Poundland. No cards, no overspending and no other presents. This is how it went!

Presents For Him

It would have been very easy to have just got him 5 toiletries but I tried to stray from that as it seems like a cop out. He loves smellies, thick socks, candies and Toblerone so these seemed like good choices. Thankfully he loved it all.valentines presents for him

  1. Maoam candy
  2. Tolerone
  3. Aftershave
  4. Thick socks
  5. Incense and candle set

Spend: £5

Presents For Me

I received some excellent little presents with a total spend of also £5. He really knows me with the low calorie bars and the little note books!

valentines presents for her

  1. An elephant statue
  2. A diary
  3. A scented candle
  4. Low calorie breakfast bars
  5. A double mini notebook set

Spend: £5


Whilst we were still in town, we visited over 10+ charity shops looking for bric a  brac for the wedding and items we can flip. There wasn’t much for the taking today but we both love the hunt! He found a few games and films he can make a little bit of profit on but nothing of worthy note today.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very nice today otherwise we could have gone for a long walk (it’s even better when we borrow his Dad’s dog). Once we were back home we played video games together then binge watched our new favourite show with the duvet on the sofa cuddling up. It cost us nothing to do and was just brilliant to spend time together.

Spend: £0


5:30pm For our dinner meal, we knew we wanted to eat a little bit more than usual and celebrate together but also didn’t want to spend £30+ on a takeaway or undo all our weight loss goals. Therefore we went with a ”fakeaway”.

This was our food shop, totalling just £10 for everything (as the meals were a little cheaper when we purchased them last week).

fakeawayfakeaway(rice not pictured)

Spend: £5 each.

So that was our frugal Valentines day totalling just £10 each – a fraction of what we used to spend celebrating this frankly silly holiday. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to show how much someone means to you. I had the best day I’ve had in a long time and didn’t break the bank to do it.



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