Calorie Counting: Fruit


Fruit is a source of a lot of good nutrients however certain pieces can be loaded with sugar and calories. Check out this list of 50 different fruit and their calorie counts to help your smoothies and snacks go a little smoother and lighter.

It’s crazy to me that some people don’t count their calories – just like Christmas calories, they still count!

Fruit Kcal per 100g
Rhubarb, Raw 7
Cranberries 15
Loganberries 17
Tangerines, Weighed With Peel 18
Lemon 18
Redcurrants, Fresh 20
Blackberries 25
Limes, Flesh Only 25
Gooseberries, Cooking 25
Melon, Galia 25
Raspberries, Fresh 25
Papaya, Flesh Only 26
Blackcurrants 28
Strawberries, Fresh 28
Melon, Honeydew, Flesh Only 30
Grapefruit, Flesh Only 30
Watermelon 30
Peach, Weighed With Stone 31
Melon, Cantaloupe 34
Plums, Weighed With Stone 35
Nectarine, Weighed With Stone 36
Passion Fruit 36
Satsuma, Flesh Only 37
Oranges, Without Peel 37
Pears, Weighed With Core 38
Cherries, Weighed With Stone 39
Pineapple, Flesh Only 42
Figs, Fresh 45
Clementines, Without Peel 47
Apples, Eating 49
Kiwi Fruit, Flesh & Seeds 49
Apricots, Fresh 52
Blueberries 57
Mango, Flesh Only 57
Lychees, Flesh Only 58
Grapes, Green 62
Grapes, Red 66
Pomegranate, Flesh Only 68
Guava, Flesh Only 68
Banana, Without Skin 95
Dates, Yellow, Fresh 107
Prunes, Dried 158
Avocado Pear, Flesh Only 190
Dried Dates 266
Goji Berries, Dried 287
Raisins, Seedless 287
Sultanas 291

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