How to Revamp Your Handbag for Less

Before spending money to buy a new bag, consider revamping your old one! Handbag accessories are a wonderful extention of anyone’s handbag collection. They can breathe life into a new bag or spice up an old one. There’s no need to break the bank when accessorising your handbag.

Below are three main ways for you that can change with the style – without costing you a whole new bag.

Add a Scarf
Made from faux-silk, you can pick up handle-scarves for a very low price online. These can be worn on any bag or suitcase with a hard handle. These versatile beauties can bring life to an old handbag or even cover damage to the handles. There’s lots of YouTube vids out there for various ways to incorporate your new scarf.
Splurge: A Hermès Twilly (£125)
Save: High-street store accessories department (£1-10)

Add a Bag Charm
A bag charm can make a bag look completely different and give it a whole new feel. They’re inexpensive enough you can get a collection going where you can use the same bag from day-to-night but just swap out the charm to change the style. However, they can make your bag heavier (albeit slightly) and they can scratch delicate leather so remember to match soft fabric charms with delicate leathers.
Splurge: Fendi Charm (£250-350)
Save: eBay or Amazon (£10)

Personalise It
Why not get your handbag personalised with your initials? Or if it’s a light colour can it be dyed dark? If you’re feeling super brave (or it’s a cheap handbag!) then you can punk it up with some studs or perhaps change it’s functionality with an extra strap.
Splurge: Send to a handbag spa
Save: DIY time

However you punk up your bags, remember it’s always cheaper than buying a whole new one, so why not try it first! Tag me on insta @the.frugalfox with pics on how you spruced yours.


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