Essential Items You Need to Pack for Your Winter Holiday

Last year I went to Russia and although it was one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences, I was ridiculously cold for 10 days straight. Don’t make the same mistakes I did and remember these essential items!

Thick Base Layers

Russia was at moments around -15 and I totally hadn’t prepared. There was a day where I had on 2 pairs of socks, leggings, jeans, vest, top, jumper, coat, 2 scarves, gloves, mittens and a hat – and I was COLD. The problem was that all my items were cheap from Primark and as thin as sheets. Frugality isn’t buying the cheapest thing, it’s buying the best thing for the best price. Invest in a good coat that will last you years and some base layers that will keep you sweating whilst morons like me are freezing.

Waterproof Rucksack 

With cold also often comes rain. You can pick up waterproof backpacks for less than £20 that will see you through all your winter holidaying. It might not be the strongest but will keep your items dry.

Techno Gloves

Not sure what the correct name for these are but they are the ones where you can use them with your touch screen items. I missed out on taking some beautiful pictures in Russia because I just didn’t want to get my camera or phone out, take my gloves off and deal with the cold.

Heating Apparatus

Sometimes layers just won’t suffice. I suffer from raynaud’s disease which effects my circulation in my fingertips and toes so often I’ll need something further to keep me warm. Consider taking a hot water bottle for keeping in your hotel bed, hand warmers for inside your mittens or a heated pad to stick to your clothing under your coat.

Winter Specific Cosmetics

Does your hair frizz in the cold? Skin dry up? Fingernails crack? Only you know your body to prepare some self-care for yourself when dealing with the cold. I always use Burts Bees on my lips, Clarins on my skin and Josh Wood Oil on my hair when dealing with the elements.

Hope this post helps you be smarter than I was when travelling!


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