30 Cheap, Free and Easy Valentines Day Ideas

Who says Valentines Day has to cost the earth? Anyone worth your time will respect your restricted budget and know that it’s not what you spend but the quality of the time you spend together. Read this post for an all-you-need list for a romantic and thrifty date night.

Going Out Ideas

  1. Use up those vouchers you got for Christmas. Currently we have several shopping vouchers, a massage for two and some theatre tokens we could redeem for a free Valentines Day celebration.
  2. Research your local area for set Valentines menu. Often these are reduced to less than £15 for several courses.
  3. Go for a hike in the day, stopping for a romantic picnic (using up what you have in the house as an extra challenge!)
  4. Do the tourist thing in your area you’ve never done!
  5. Sleep in the day and go out 12-6am seeing your city as you’ve never seen it before together.
  6. Attend a singles night or a bar separately and flirt and find each other.
  7. Get the cheapest train you can find to the further location and spend the day exploring together.
  8. Visit the casino together with a budget, whatever you win can be spent together. If you lose your money, consider it spent on a fun night.
  9. Take a free class together like dancing or something creative.
  10. Visit a farmers, antique or food market together.

Staying At Home Ideas

  1. Cook or bake something together
  2. Dine by candlelight.
  3. Build a blanket fort in the living room and sleep in it together eating popcorn and watching your favourite movies
  4. Create something like a sketch, a novella or a painting together.
  5. Learn a new skill together on YouTube
  6. Make an romantic indoor picnic on the floor.
  7. Stargaze or watch the sunset / sunrise together in the garden
  8. Play a video game together.
  9. Give each other romantic massages followed by a bath together.
  10. Create a cocktail together using up the in your cupboard.

Present Ideas

  1. Set a budget for each other and stick to it!
  2. Make each other presents or cards.
  3. The gift may only be purchased from Poundland / Dollar Tree
  4. Bake a cake or cupcakes together which is the present.
  5. Presents may only be purchased with gift cards you currently own.

Outfit Ideas

  1. Pick out each others outfits from your wardrobe for date night.
  2. On your meal out, make 10x the effort your normally would with clothing you own. Be brave!
  3. Visit a charity / thrift store and buy your outfit in the day for the evening date.
  4. Dress up how you know they like you to dress (e.g. more girly, more gothy etc for that one night – works well with idea 6 from the Going Out List).
  5. Or have a naked meal date at home!

Have fun on your date nights! Leave a comment below if you tried one of these ideas or let me know a new one for next year. 


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