Monthly Progress Report: January 2018

comparison pics

January 1st 2018 Weigh In: 145.0lbs
December 1st 2017 Weigh In: 151.5lbs
January Weight Loss: 6.5lbs 

Starting Weight: 168lbs
Weight Loss in Total
: 23lbs / 13%

January is a hard month as we all tend to set ourselves unrealistic goals. I knew that I had put on a bit of Christmas podge and needed to lose it! So my goal was to get back to pre-Christmas weight which I thankfully hit.

Weight loss is 90% diet so I do my best to concentrate on this. I eat anywhere between 1200 – 1400 per day which would have led to a good weight loss. However life gets in the way! I went out for many meals on my city-break with Mum and had a takeaway or two hindering my weight loss. But you have to live.

Following the diet at least 80% of the time will lead to progress and slow progress is better than no progress!

Thankfully, I naturally burn around 1950-2250 cals on any work day (honestly buying a FitBit was brilliant!)  so this accounts for a lot of my deficit however if i’m honesty on reflection I could have got down to the gym a few more times. I did go for a few runs on low-calorie burn days.

I also went to London for 5 days mid-Jan where I walked around 20k-25k steps a day!

Weight Goal for February 1st: 140.00lb

5lbs lower! I’m gonna kick it’s butt!

My weight loss journey started on 24th November 2015 and since then, at my lowest, I’ve lost around 30lbs. I had been in New York for 2 weeks and came back at the heaviest I’ve ever been – it was devastating. Weight loss does not come easily to me and I struggle with food issues everyday. I’m hoping that by writing these monthly posts, I will do this the healthily way rather than eating half as much as I should and yo-yoing in weight.

I have an array of body confidence issues that have stemmed back as long as I can remember which have crept in my head every day. Looking after myself, eating well and excercising isn’t a vanity thing for me, it’s just a way to stop the self-hating thoughts that creep up when I know I’m not taking care of my body.

Every month I will be weighing in and discussing how my month went and what things I did toward my progress. You can follow what I ate by adding me as a friend on MyFitnessPal @LuciOlivia27

If you want to follow my transformation journey, don’t forget to follow via email or WordPress for updates.


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