Beat the Boredom at an Airport

bored at an airport

So you’re stuck at the airport and you have just that annoyingly specific amount of time to kill where leaving the airport isn’t worth it. Or perhaps you’re past security and still have hours until your flight. Or you’re one of the unlucky people who’s plane is delayed or even cancelled (~20% were delayed last year) so I’ve crafted a post about the top 8 things I like to do when killing time at an airport.

Social Media
Social Media is the friend you never thought you needed. It connects you to friends, family and total strangers. Browse your favourite blog or scroll endlessly through Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. If you’re a blogger, use this time to write your latest post, upload that perfect selfie (out of the 57 you took) and respond to any emails and comments.

Tax Free Shopping
You should spend any money you have in the country you are travelling to and buy some authentic Moroccan souvenirs or French presents for your friends. However the Duty Free shop is great for cosmetics you would otherwise be buying when you’re back home. I always buy my Clarins skin kits (… just checked for this post and what I buy is £49 from or €37 from the airport in Madrid).

People Watch
I have two variations of this game. If you’re buy yourself then take a look at someone and style them – imagine what you would do to better their style (I usually give most men beards and most women long hair). If you’re with a friend then point to a person (discreetly…) and begin telling your friend their life story. You get a point if you make your friend laugh.

Play a Game
Not a gamer? Yes you are. You may not be in line for the latest Call of Duty and you might think GTA is violent and awful. But you love that Facebook game you play with a glass of wine, you think card games are classic and dominos is a hoot. Well the good news is that you can pick up a DS Console for ~£30 or less these days and classic games such as solitaire, sudoko and chess can be picked up second hand in bundle games for barely any amount of money.

Get Creative
Always fancied yourself as a bit of an artist, a writer or a clothes designer? Pack your stationary of choice with you and enjoy the few hours of nothing to do by indulging yourself in your lifelong dream. No-one in the airport is going to peer down your neck like they might at home and no-one is going to say squat about the quality of your work

Do a Puzzle
I may sound like a Nana and I’ll wear that crown with pride but there’s a certain joy in finishing a crossword and feeling that glow of completion. Puzzles increase vocabulary, keep your brain active and pass the time very quickly

Play Dares
If you’re travelling with a friend, dare each other to do embarrassing things at the airport. Start small and see how far you can go before one of your chickens out. If you’re travelling by yourself then post on social media asking for dares and record as you do them. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
– Tell a stranger their ankles are attractive
– Buy a chocolate bar and meow during the transaction
– Whilst waiting for the gate, pop a few squats

Write a List
List’s are a fantastic way to pass the time. They’re creative without having to be too in-depth and can get your brain juices brewing. Take a moment and think about the next 5 places you’ve like to visit, the 3 things in your new home city you haven’t done yet or the 10 goals you have for the next year.

Happy travels!


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