Basel, Switzerland Review

Basel, Switzerland


In March 2017 I got to visit Switzerland for the first time for work. Here’s my mini-review on the time I spent there!

The good parts is the beauty of the country. It’s a stunning place and we were lucky to go on a beautiful hot weekend. The food was amazing and I came back quite a few pounds heavier. I would love to go back!

However, the trip was not without fretting. Because there was a big convention on in town, I had to stay in what was possibly the only hotel left in town by the time work got around to booking it. If I was ever going to get murdered in a hotel, then this probably would have been it. When I first arrived it was around midnight (late flight) and they had a note on the door saying that they wouldn’t admit anyone past 11:30pm!! I rang and rang and rang until someone very groggily and angrily came to the door to check me in. The room looked like a prison cell and all the floor had a shared bathroom / shower unit!! I spent as little time there as possible and spent my days out in the sun enjoying the sights (and working!).

The other thing to mention about Switzerland is how generally expensive it is. Lunch menu options are around £30+ and evening dinner menu’s are about £50+. I was shocked! I enquired around and I heard it’s because the cost of living is so high so the things to buy are high – great for if you live in Switzerland, not so great if you’re a poor tourist like me.

Find my photo album for Basel here!


One thought on “Basel, Switzerland Review

  1. I’ve not been to Basel but would like to, along with other cities in Switzerland. Think I’ll give your hotel a miss, though!
    It’s a beautiful country though. We stayed in Lucerne with a hotel room overlooking the lake and visited Zurich, went up mountains on cablecars and went on scenic train rides. The lake and mountain scenery was spectacular…


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