Healthy Version of Lasagne

healthy lasagne

You’ll never get anywhere on a diet if you deny yourself the food you want for the rest of your life. Balance is making healthier versions of the food you already love so you aren’t without. Here’s advice for how to make a low-calorie lasagne with some simple swaps.

All the below are in 500g quantities for easy maths but you won’t need that much or that ratio per lasagne!

Mince meat U+21C6.svg  Quorn mince
Quorn is my favourite branded meat-alternative. I do eat meat but tend to stick to white meat and sub in quern for red meat – just because look at those calories difference! This is more expensive but sometimes you can get Quorn on offer and it will keep in the freezer. In my opinion it’s worth for 68p for that kind of savings on calories.

  • Mince meat: 1070cals / £2.32 for 500g
  • Quorn mince: 525cals / £3.00 for 500g
  • Difference: 545cals / -£0.68

Shop bought tomato sauce U+21C6.svg Passata sauce
Shop bought anything has a huge amount of rubbish in it that you don’t need. Grab some cheap passata, spice to your tastes and use that instead.

  • Shop bought tomato sauce: 235cals / £1.85 for 500g
  • Passata sauce: 154cals / £0.55 for 500g
  • Difference: 81cals / £1.30

Shop bought cheese sauce U+21C6.svg Homemade cottage cheese sauce
Blend 250g low-fat cottage cheese, 1/4 cup low calorie parmesan and 1/4 cup low-fat milk for a creamy a low cal alternative to cheese sauce. Again slightly more expensive but worth it for that difference in calories.

  • Shop bought cheese sauce: 490cals / £1.85 for 500g
  • Homemade cottage cheese sauce: 200cals / £2.00 for 500g
  • Difference: 209cals / -£0.15

Lasagne sheets U+21C6.svg Thinly sliced courgette 
Here’s where you’ll see the biggest difference. Remember we are using 500g measurements to see the ratio so you likely won’t us this much lasagne sheets anyway but look at the difference!

  • Lasagne sheets: 1785cals / £0.85 for 500g
  • Courgette: 110cals / £0.80 for 500g
  • Difference: 1675cals / £0.05

Cheese topping U+21C6.svg Reduced fat cheese
Okay, so it’s unlikely you’ll use 500g of cheese but for ratio sake, look at the difference. The reduced fat cheese in this recipe is branded Weight Watchers but you might be able to find cheaper ones around.

  • Normal grated cheese: 2115cals / £3.25 for 500g
  • Reduced fat cheese: 1070cals / £5 for 500g
  • Difference: 1045cals / -£1.75

Adding it all together, this healthier version of a lasagne should save you 3,555cals and cost you just £1.23 more than usual. I’m all about paying less for everything but I’d pay more than that to have delicious lasagne every day and not worry about putting on weight.

Also, if you’re craving lasagne but don’t want to alter your favourite receipe (or want to save that £1.23), consider making your portion smaller or, even better, lasagne bites cooked in a cupcake tray. These can be served with side salad or heaps of vegetables a few nights in a row.

Check out my other healthy versions of our favourite foods here!

*Prices accurate from Sainsbury’s in December 2017.


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