DIY Winter Wedding Idea’s You Can’t Miss Out On

winter wedding

I am chosing to get married in the summer as I’m a very cold person and as beautiful as I find winter weddings, I chose lovely heat. However snowy, furry wintery weddings can be stunning so here are 10 winter wedding ideas you must not miss out on!

  1. Bridal Fur Cape  You can either wear it beforehand for a big reveal or don it afterwards when you’re cold. You can pick up some cheap capes from the high street shops.
  2. Candle-Lit Venue – What you save on the electricity bill, you’ll pay in candles!! But imagine your perfect wedding venue lit with a hundred candles – stunning and wintery.
  3. Guest Blankets – Either draped on the backs of chairs, hanging on a wall or rolled up in a hamper – blankets, furs and throws for guests will make everyone look uniformed and keep them warm. Much better than your freezing guests grabbing their coats.
  4. Roaring Fires – Providing your venue allows, ask a few trusted guests to bring their portable fire pits in lieu of a present and make some snacks for everyone to enjoy around the fire such as s’more cones.
  5. Bridesmaids Furry Muffs – Not the title of a porn film I promise. Get your bridesmaids some warm muffs, long gloves or capes to wear so they aren’t forced to grab their coats.
  6. Ice Queen Jewellery – Jewellery can really be tailored to fit the theme of your wedding. For a winter wedding, go with snowflake petite earrings or thick metallic wrist cuffs.
  7. Wild Flowers – Blustery, winter flowers are perfect for a winter wedding. Find a florist to give you advice then locate them cheaper nearer the time. Or better yet, grow your own bouquet!
  8. Photographs in the Snow – Don’t forget to take off all coats, gloves and capes, stand in the snow and look like Elsa with some stunning winter photographs.
  9. Log Cabin Reception – Once everyone is cold enough, retire to a warm log cabin for the reception. It doesn’t need to normally host for weddings, just ask for prices and see what they say!
  10. Warm Hearty Food – From hot mulled wine to roast dinners, make sure your guests are well fed and warm on a winters night.

Have a missed any ideas? Leave a comment below.


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