How To Start a Travel Blog People Will Follow

become a travel blogger

Becoming a professional travel blogger is a dream only a few of us will ever achieve. I love exploring but my frugalness makes me explore traveling in different ways. I save up and scrutinise where I go to make my money worth it. However I have picked up a few things for travel blogging and so here are my top 10 tips for travel blogging from one amateur to another.

For ANY type of blog, first of all consider what sets you apart from all the rest. What is your USP and why should anyone read your posts over the 1000s out there. Find this before anything else.

Be Useful

Find out what people need to know and answer it for them. Search the internet, find out what FAQ’s there are and make a blog post out of them

Write What You Love

It’s not ‘write what you know’ because all you might know about it the town you live in. But if you love Indian culture then make that the focus of your blog posts

Get Out There

Go out of your way to make your life more interesting so that you do have something to blog about. As a bonus your life will get better!

Be Open to Experiences

If your blog is about glamping in the Peak District then a review of the beach in Spain may not appeal to your readers. But until you find your feet, say yes to any travel.

Be Prepared

Blogging is like having a second job and if you’ve never done it before then start small and build your blog length up stretching your ambitions

Guest Blogging

You could host a blog post by an inspiring blogger comparing their experience to yours for the same activity. If you ask nicely they might post yours on theirs.

Grab a Friend

On the same vein of thought – take a buddy with you when travelling and record their thoughts and feelings. They could add depth to your review or even become a collaborator.

Look After Everyone

Keep looking forward to promote your blog, gain new followers and continue exploring. But don’t forget the few that are already following you. These few are true readers and should be treated like gold.

Always Promote on Social Media

When the post goes live, link on social media. The next morning, link on social media. Then do it one more time until people might get fed up. Then wait a few days until your next post goes live and repeat.

It’s All in Your Name

Pick a strong name for your travel blog which does two things; shows your persona and shows your love of travelling. Something like ‘The Travelling Nerd’ or ‘Lipsticks in my Backpack’.

Good luck! Comment below with your travel blog.

Read about my travels here


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