Low-Calorie Winter Soups

low calorie soups

Soups are winter’s salads. They are an amazing volumetric food meaning they fill you up for not a lot of calories. If you’re starting your weight-loss transformation this 2018, bang in the middle or coming to an end, soups do not get enough credit for how filling and cheap they are. Below are 5 soups to fill you up this winter.

Homemade Choice #1 – Gordon Ramsey’s Broccoli Soup. The story goes Gordon Ramsay made this basic soup in retaliation to prestigious restaurant Clubway 41 broccoli soup which was made from 20 different ingredients. Boil a large pan of water and add 1 large broccoli head. Once boiled, use a slotted spoon to add the broccoli to a blender then add enough water to fill the blender approx half-way. Blend and enjoy your delicious simple soup.
Calories: 100 per batch
Cost: 50p per batch

Homemade Choice #2 – Customisable & Simple Tomato Soup. This soup is the most simple low calorie version on a tomato soup you’ll find. Tomatoes are such a basic tasting food that you really can add garlic, herbs, spices or nothing to this to adapt to what you like. All it is is tomato puree (), vegetable stock and tinned tomatoes on a low heat until cooked then blitzed in the blender. You can use corn flour to thicken but if you drain the tomatoes a little before hand you shouldn’t need to.
Calories: 120 per batch
Cost: 85p per batch

Homemade Choice #3 – Nearly Nothing Soup. The soup is made with the lowest calorie ingredients you can think of but tastes amazing. You’ll need about 6 cups of water, 6 bouillon cubes, 10 mushrooms, 4 medium carrots, 1 small onion and shirataki noodles. Slice everything that can be sliced and all it all together in a pan, boil for 20mins then simmer for 20mins. When your carrots are soft, add in your noddles for a final 5mins of simmering.
Calories: 150 per batch
Cost: 68p per batch

I shop at Sainsburys (for the love of Nectar!) so below are my two staple soups when doing an online shop. If you need help doing your first healthy / low cal food shop then check my shopping list here

Sainsburys Choice #1 – Carrot & Coriander Soup 600g. This soup is my staple go to soup when craving something low-cal but filling. Highly recommend.
Calories: 174 per batch
Cost: £1.50 per can

Sainsburys Choice #2 – Heinz Weight Watchers Vegetable Broth 295g. This soup is amazingly filling. For only 135cals you can get full up for a few hours.
Calories: 135 per batch
Cost: 85p per can

Soups not your thing? Here’s my guide to volumetric one-pot meals.
Planning your first food shop? Here’s my guide to what you need to know!


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