Price Lists: Hair Cuts & Treatments

18 year-old me had never been to a salon. Unfortunately my ‘friend’ took me to my first in Chelsea and I paid close to £200 for a cut and colour. I had an idea that it seemed expensive but no idea how much cheaper you can get it elsewhere. Here’s a price list for what I’ve researched into being local prices, average high street prices and expensive prices.

When comparing prices in this post, I’ll be using the lowest price they offer (so often the least experienced member of staff or on the shortest hair) and full head services where applicable. For our standard high street salon I’ll be using the prices of Toni and Guy. For our expensive salon, I’ll be using the prices from Paul Edmonds. And for our local salon, I’ll be using my local salon CurlyWhirls.

Local Salon High Street Chain Expensive Salon
Hair Cut £25 £25 £75
Hair Trim £21 Not Offered £75
Blow Dry £12 £23 Not Offered
Perm Treatment £45 Not Offered Not Offered
Relaxer Treatment £55 £75 £110
Keratin Treatment £80 £150 £150

I’ll be doing more of these posts on different treatments to help anyone in a similar situation to recognise what’s reasonable and what’s a rip off where you’re just paying for their postcode.


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