A Quick Breakdown of My Engagement Ring

My Ring

I’m not a huge fan of blingy jewellery and I’ll admit I’m someone who doesn’t know a lot about it. And when my boyfriend proposed I would have said yes if he was holding a piece of string. Thankfully though, he found a perfect ring for a perfect price. My ring to me is much more than the details below but it’s certainly interesting to learn a little bit more about what I wear every single day.


My ring is G which is the top of ”near colourless”. To myself it looks perfect but I’m not an expert (as this mashed up post proves!)


My ring is SI1 which is ”slightly included”. From the naked eye, I can’t see any marks but I think it’s the setting where you can see them with a magnifying glass. It is also .37 ct.


My ring is 18ct white gold which I honestly hadn’t even heard of beforehand but I’m assured it’s quite good!


My setting is a solitaire which just means there’s only a single diamond. I really didn’t want anything too big and blingy so I’m thrilled. The pics I sent him prior were all solitaire.


Of course I asked the price! I was proud to find that my man purchased it second-hand AND haggled them down! I hoped he would spend no more than £500 because it wouldn’t have felt right to have dedicated that much to just a symbol when I know how much he loves me and he doesn’t need to spend money to show it. Thankfully, he knows I would have killed him / returned it if it was an obscene amount and made an excellent choice.

Thanks for reading about my ring. I know it’s not everyones cup of tea but wanted to share something that means so much to me.

Want to hear the story of how he proposed? Click here for the full story!


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