20 Cheap & Free Things to Do in Winter

blanket fort

Winter is the season where you can often feel too drained and too poor after the madness of Christmas however it’s a beautiful season and yours for the taking. Below are 20 cheap and free things to do this winter…

  1. Visit the Animals At the Zoo – Often the animals are too hot to move in the summer and so are much more active in the winter. Also, a lot of zoo’s are cheaper in the winter due to the low footfall.
  2. Start That Hobby – You know that hobby? That one you’ve wanted to try for a long time? Start it this year, right now!
  3. Have a Clothing Cull – Go through all your clothes and donate any that don’t fit, won’t ever fit and you haven’t worn in 12months. Take that clothing to the charity shop and feel the warmth of the declutter.
  4. Talk a Long Wintery WalkΒ – It will burn calories and show you local sights you never saw. Bonus points if you have a dog who will love it 10 times more than you will.
  5. Host a Board Game Night – We recently hosted a board game day for friends and although we spent 4 hours playing our ‘starter game’ of monopoly, it was amazingly fun and cheap to host.
  6. Create Your 2018 Budget – Take the time this winter to sit down and create your budget. If you need help, follow #debtfreecommunity on Instagram – they’re all amazing.
  7. Build a Blanket Fort – Grab a friend and every single blanket, pillow and duvet you have between you, build a blanket fort and live in it for a weekend. You’ll love the regression.
  8. Visit a Museum – They often have deals in wintery months so search your nearest cities for a museum you’ve always wanted to go to and open that mind!
  9. Cook With Someone You Love – I’ll try and cook with my partner once a week. It’s perfect cause it doesn’t have to be expensive or hard and you can both reap the benefits of it.
  10. Get That DIY Task Done – You know the one that’s been just an idea in your head for months or even years? Get it done this winter!
  11. Send a Care Package – Find a local charity that specialises in sending packages to the army or to people in need in other countries and make a care package knowing you’re making a difference.
  12. Host A Pot Luck Dinner Party – The phrase ‘pot luck’ isn’t that well known in UK but all it is, is everyone brings a plate of food and then everyone tucks into everything. Sounds like a frugal way to host a dinner party!
  13. Make a Memory Scrapbook / Photo Album – Get that shoebox out from under your bed and make a scrapbook of the biggest part of your life. From your wedding, to your pet, to your friendship or relationship, the ideas are endless.
  14. Challenge Yourself (and a Friend) to Reading Contest – If you went through your bookshelf I would bet that there are more books you’ve read over not read! Start a book challenge this winter! If you need inspiration, check out Book Beyond blog.
  15. Have a Home Spa Day – Grab someone close to you and spend a day doing each others nails, soaking your feet and donning face masks. There’s nothing like it.
  16. Visit Someone You Really Need To – You know who that is. Either an elder member of the family or a friend you haven’t seen for years. Either way, pick up the phone and make plans.
  17. Plan Your 2018 Holiday – It doesn’t look like we will be having much of a holiday this 2018 between buying a house and a wedding but we can plan a weekend away here and there for the summer.
  18. Winterise Your Home and Garden – Make sure your home and land is ready for the cold months to come. Everyone’s home is different so do your research.
  19. Take Up a New Exercise – Summer bodies are made in winter so take up a new exercise that will prep you for that 2018 summer bod you’ll be rocking.
  20. Host a Movie Night – Someone in the group will likely have a Netflix account so if everyone brings a bag of popcorn or a snack then this evening will be fun and thrifty.

Leave a comment below with anything I’ve missed!


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