How to Overcome Constant Cravings


Cravings are instinctual, brutal and part of being human. You can crave a hot bath, a cup of tea or your bed. Non of these are harmful to crave but when food is taking over your life and you are following these cravings further and further into obesity then it’s time to learn what cravings are and how to kick their butt. 

So what are cravings? Unfortunately there is no official explanations but brainboxes think cravings are like basic addiction cravings. Glucose become an addictive and so is desired to release happy hormones every time it is eaten.

When smokers look at pictures of people smoking it activates the same areas of the brain as when obese people look at pictures of food.’ –

Food cravings sometimes come from their ingredients and the effect on your body. This is one of the reasons why unprocessed food is best for you.

Give yourself the illusion of choice. To beat cravings think ‘Well I CAN have that chocolate bar but I WANT to be healthier’. Saying to yourself that you do in fact have a choice (but that you choose healthiness) can make things feel better.

Distract yourself. Write a list of all the projects that need doing around the house, a list of all your friends you need to catch up with or all the shopping you need to do. When you feel those familiar cravings, distract yourself with a task.

Out of sight, out of mind is a great mantra for the start of a diet where your willpower may not be as strong. Don’t buy the food because you will eat it.

Have a nap. It’s a distraction and a reset button on your cravings.

Curb your cravings with an alternative. For example if you’re craving something heavy, eat volumetric foods. If you’re craving something sweet, have a low cal hot chocolate.

When you diet, you’re undoing many many years of treating your body one way and it’s going to react when you change to a healthier, lower-calorie diet so be patient.

Need help replacing your food choices with healthier ones? Check out my guide for your new food shopping list and how to live off that food shop.


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