My Wedding Dress – My Bridal Buying Expereince

wedding dress

I cannot describe how surreal it was to walk out of a shop with a wedding dress on my arm. Here’s my experience…

My first stop in town was a luxury boutique – who actually very kindly opened up for us even though they had renovations works that weeks. They gave me 6 blue ribbons to tag on the end of the hangers for the dresses I wanted to try on. I gave Mum 2 and we both tagged dresses. Mum actually ended up taking 1 of my ribbons to insist I try something on. But i’ll let her off because it actually became my favourite of the morning.

After that I slid into a dressing room and this very kind worker helped me in and out of the dresses. I was surprised by how heavy some of them really were. I ended up liking a dress that had almost no weight to it as I knew it would fit with  my summer wedding idea.

We broke for lunch and afterwards thought we would try Wed2b – a ‘budget’ wedding dress shop but will all the feel of luxury. The website says ”We believe every woman should look and feel amazing on her wedding day regardless of budget. As the UK’s largest and most affordable bridal retailer, we sell all of our dresses for under £699, off-the-peg, so you can take your dream dress home with you today. We’re passionate about our business and our core principals of quality, choice and service.”. We had never heard of Wed2b but kinda thought – ”why not?”

We were asked to pick out 4 dresses to begin with. We found 3 with ease with the final one being a little bit of a wildcard with the colour and shape. This wildcard choice was NOT anything like I’d been looking at.

I got into the very luxury feeling changing rooms and tried on a dress that I loved and a few that were beautiful but not for me. Finally I tried on this wildcard and it was the first time I got the feeling that this was my dress. I can’t describe it but I knew if I left without it, I would have been disappointed. It was £100 over my budget but considering some peoples dresses are £1000 over budget, I didn’t feel too bad about the price. Plus it was cheaper than the one I had most loved in the first boutique.

If I had left without buying it, I would have regretted it and I knew that deep down. So I took a leap of faith and purchased the dress. Time to update my wedding budget!

After the wedding it over, I’ll share lots of pictures – I can’t wait to show you and tell you all the details. The only thing I’ll mention is that it’s somehow classical AND somehow completely different!

If you’re looking for your wedding dress, don’t forget to view my 5 essential tips for trying on dresses!
Leave a comment below with how much your dress cost and if you regretted it!


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