Calorie Counting: Vegetables

vegetable calorie count

Vegetables are brilliant and anyone who says otherwise has never tried anything other than over boiled smelly mush. I love vegetables and they are amazing to bulk out any one pot meal. To help you make better food choices, here are 50 vegetables sorted by low to high calorie counts.

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What this means is, you can get 500g of mushrooms for just 75cals but 500g of potatoes would add 745cals to your meal. So take your pick of which foods you like – the higher up the list the better cause you can add more and more to it without worry!

Vegetable Kcal per 100g
Celery, Raw 7
Fennel, Boiled 11
Swede, Boiled 11
Fennel, Raw 12
Radish, Raw 12
Turnip, Boiled 12
Aubergine, Fresh, Raw 14
Lettuce, Average 14
Mushrooms 15
Peppers, Green, Average 15
Cabbage, Boiled, Average 15
Rocket, Fresh, Raw 16
Turnip, Raw 17
Courgette, Raw 18
Tomato, Fresh, Raw 18
Tomato, Cherry, Raw 18
Tomatoes, Plum, Baby, Raw 18
Beans, Runner 19
Tomatoes, Tinned, Chopped 19
Leek, Boiled 21
Carrots, Fresh, Boiled in Salted Water 22
Watercress, Raw, Trimmed 22
Green Beans, Fine 23
Broccoli, Boiled, Average 24
Kale, Boiled 24
Asparagus, Trimmed, Raw 25
Onion, Spring, Raw 25
Spinach, Baby 25
Peppers, Yellow, Average 26
Pumpkin, Raw 26
Pepper, Red, Average 27
Cabbage, Red, Raw 27
Cauliflower, Boiled 28
Butternut Squash, Raw, Unprepared 30
Sweetcorn, Cob 31
Brussels Sprouts, Boiled 33
Onion, Red, Raw 37
Onions, Raw, Average 38
Beetroot, Boiled 44
Parsnip, Boiled 66
Peas, Frozen 72
Potatoes, New, Boiled 72
Sweet Potato, Boiled 74
Sweetcorn, Canned 79
Beans, Broad, Fresh, Raw 97
Cucumber, Raw 100
Baked Potato, Flesh & Skin 109
Olives, Green, Pitted 130
Potatoes, Roast 149
Olives, Black, Pitted 164

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