The 5 Newbie Rules of the Gym

Starting up at a new gym – or even your first gym – this year? You don’t need one to lose weight but they can help an enormous amount. Go, enjoy yourself and take this advice

Research and Research

You don’t have to join the first gym you find. Shop around for best value for money when making a decision. All gyms I’ve ever been a part of offer a tour before signing.

Learn the Flow

Know where the best machines are and what time is best to go. The gym is a community of people and it will have ebbs and flows of people. If I go at 7pm it is vastly quieter compared to 5pm post the just-out-of-office rush.

Offer Support

Treat your fellow gym members like you would your colleagues. Be polite, engage where you can but mostly just both get on with your own tasks. You’ve all got a job to do and supporting each other instead of being an ass will help.

But Don’t Be Preachy

I have many friends at the gym but ultimately it’s my time. I’ve had friends that have been preached to when they aren’t doing something 100%. No, just go away!Β If I’m about to break my neck then step in but otherwise don’t be that gym person.

When Needed, Ask for Help

People sometimes forget they don’t know everything. If you are 18 or 80, just ask someone else – like a trainer or someone you inspire to look like – at the gym. If they’re helpful, you may have also just made a friend! If they give you a crazy answer, then just back away.

Good luck! You got this πŸ™‚


One thought on “The 5 Newbie Rules of the Gym

  1. I remember how intimidated I felt the first time I joined a gym, many years ago. These are definitely helpful tips for a newbie.
    These days, with 3 young kids, I just do workouts at home when I remember and get a chance, but really need to get fitter!


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