3 Healthy Resolutions You’ll Actually Be Able to Keep

new years resolution

New Years resolutions are a crock of shit. People expect to change themselves overnight then punish themselves when they fail. Real progress is slow, long and a little bit boring. You’ll need to set yourself achievable & realistic goals if you want to improve yourself. 

If weight loss if your goal, here’s my post on where to start. I wrote it for complete beginners so check there if weight loss is your goal.

1)  Don’t think you’ll suddenly change because it’s 2018. Set yourself very achievable tasks such as introducing new vegetables and cutting back on oil and salt in food. Bit by bit introduce small goals and stick to them. Trying to quit a bad habit, attend the gym 5 times a week, dress amazingly, do your nails every day and become a vegan in one month is insane, let alone start it all on the same day. Start with your most destructive habit first (smoking or fatty foods) then work your way through the year introducing healthy habits and ditching bad ones every month.

2)  Don’t promise yourself you’ll have a perfect streak of healthiness, only promise yourself you’ll get back up when you fall. Success is falling down 10 tens but getting back up 11 times. Losing weight, attending the gym, quitting smoking or drinking is something that when you relapse you’ll feel crap about yourself and throw it all out the window – I know from experience. I’ve been that person hundreds of times but self-improvment is an ongoing goal.

3)  Don’t set daily goals. Set goals that are in weekly or monthly blocks. For example, if you planned on eating 1,500 calories a day then consider setting it up as a 10,500 calories a week goal. That way, if you have a day where you eat 1,700 the day is not ruined. Progress is 99% in the brain with weigh loss and it will help to know you can eat 1,400 for two days to make up your deficit.

Good luck on your journey! It’s not a resolution, it’s a lifestyle change.


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