The Only Beauty Products You Need to Buy

basic make up kit

As much as anyone else I love bath bombs, day perfumes, hair oils, night perfumes, lip masks, body sprays and all beauty products that promise to make me look like a model. However what do you really and only need in your life?

Everyone is different and if you have a moisturiser or hair oil that you’d found that has changed your appearance in an extremely positive way then you need that in your life. Feeling and looking good is a desire that is deep in all of us and having positive body confidence can make your day.

But what do we all need? I’ve travelled a lot of the last few years and packed / unpacked many overnight bags and suitcases. The first reoccurring thing I find myself thinking about is what beauty products I actually need. The second recurring thing is what I think every time I unpack and discover all the crap I didn’t use.

Something that doesn’t help is the default generic Christmas / Birthday present of the moisturiser / body spray set every woman gets 10+ times a year. I’m grateful to every present I get and honoured that I’m included in someone Christmas list but I literally have 8 drawers full of beauty products – I do not need that extra body scrub (I’m NOT ungrateful – just trying to be more minimal).

Bearing all that in mind, I’ve recently been thinking that if I could give advice on what beauty products are essential – to avoid both clutter and unnecessary spending – to myself 10 years ago, this would be the list:

Make Up

  • Foundation – find your colour, stick with it and never change (your skin tone won’t)
  • Concealer pen – for the spots (we all get them!)
  • Varied eyeshadow palette – find the right one and you only need one
  • Eyebrow pen – for pencilling in the gaps
  • Clear mascara – for shaping your brows
  • Eyeliner pencil – get good quality for less. My Chanel one was Β£20 but has lasted me 2 years and isn’t slowing down
  • Nude lipstick – for everyday
  • Red or dark lipstick – for sultry looks
  • Basic blush – for adding warmth to your face post-foundation
  • Dark mascara – use only on nights out to make a difference to your look
  • Primer (?) – I’ve never used it, never felt the need to use it but others swear by it
  • Liquid eyeliner (?) – up to you if you use on your look but I love mine


  • Shampoo – a 99p tried and tested product will suffice
  • Conditioner – see above
  • Exfoliator – make sure yours doesn’t use plastic balls
  • Toothbrush – electric is great but a hard bristled one will do the job
  • Toothpaste – shop at Bodycare / Savers for cheap
  • Floss – can be picked up for almost free
  • Mouthwash – find a budget one you like
  • Shower gel – can be used as shaving cream
  • Lipbalm – for keeping in your handbag
  • Wipes – for removing make up of an evening

BodyΒ / Hair

  • A perfume – for evenings out
  • A body spray – for keeping in your handbag
  • Deodorant – find one that works and stick with it
  • Moisturiser – can be used as foot and hand cream
  • Hairbrush – pick one that’s perfect for your hair
  • Hair oil – This is my pick that isn’t relevant for everyone but I have thick hair and need it to calm it down post bath
  • Straighteners – as much as I love all my hair tongs of various types, you really can do most styles with straighteners.
  • Razor – buy quality to avoid burn but don’t spend more than you have to!
  • Nail polish – 3-5 colours is all you need. I have a drawer full of these and use about the same 4 ones
  • Hair bobbles / grips – buy these in bulk from Amazon or eBay rather than on the high street.


  • A make up bag (for everyday make up)
  • A toiletry bag (for overnight stays)
  • Basic brush set (check Amazon / eBay shops for cheap sets)

That’s it. Everything else such as cellulite cream, body butter and 100 different make up brushes are just what companies try to shove down our throats.

Stand up to them, buy only what you need / use and sell / donate / swap the rest!



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