5 Essential Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping


When I thought about trying on dresses I thought I would be excited to riffle through the rails but I was surprised with how long and tiring the process can be. I’ve written my top 5 tips for getting the most out of your wedding dress shopping.

The bigger the pants – the better!

When you’re in the changing room you will need help getting into the dresses as even the smallest are huge to lift and move. The last thing you want is to feel self conscious for not shaving when you’ve got a G-string on or bothered that your bum is out. So girl boxers are good, spanx are even better!

Be insistent.

Be polite but also be insistent on what you want to try on. Buying a wedding dress, no matter how frugally you find one, might be in the top 5 most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. If you want to try the same dress on 3 times in one weekend then insist on it. However don’t be a pain because you’ll be labeled a bridezilla

Make more appointments that you think you’ll need.

Even if you have a walk around a shop and decide theres nothing there you should still go to all the bridal shops in town just to be sure. You never know where your dress is hiding

Take someone with you who will push you.

When you get tired – which you will be – and when you get fed up – which you will -, you need someone who’s pumping you full of coffee and energy to keep you going. I got fed up around the 5th dress and just refused to put on anymore.

Be Honest With Yourself about Weight Loss Expectations

Being realistic about what size you’re going to be at your wedding is a must. There’s a potential huge financial loss if you’re not the size you want to be your wedding date. I always advocate being ambitious with weight loss but when your putting a lot of money on being a certain size then perhaps it’s better to be more realistic than ambitious.

Have I missed any tips? Leave a comment below to help your fellow bride out!






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