How He Proposed

On the 26th July 2017 my wonderful boyfriend asked me to marry him.
Here’s the story of that amazing day…

On the train to London – oblivious to what he was planning for that night…

For his 30th birthday, I treated him with a 3 day trip to Paris. We both hadn’t been since we were teenagers and had never been together so it was an opportunity to celebrate his birthday in style. On that morning we got the train into London then hopped on the Eurostar (I highly recommend as it was so easy, cheap and quick!) into Paris.

Started with a coffee on the Eurostar…

  Then moved to prosecco and lemonade!

From the train station we walked 10mins to our hotel and checked in to Hotel Taylor. It was surreal to be in Paris as we didn’t fly or take a ferry and the train was quicker than some of the places we go to in the UK.

Hotel Taylor is a very quaint Parisan hotel with French decor and a good price tag attached (again highly recommend this place). It’s around 30mins walk from the Louvre and Notre Dame so perfect for us as we wanted to stay somewhere budget friendly, but walkable into the sights.

We were actually off to the Moulin Rouge that night so we spent some time scrubbing up to look our best. Once we were all dolled up, ready to call a cab I was just having a nosy out the window and turned around to see him standing there, ring box in hand. I just remember feeling overwhelmed and that this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment and thinking how handsome he looked in a shirt.

He had the biggest grin on his face that was just making me smile too. He leaned in slightly and gently asked ‘Do you want me to go down on one knee?’. I said ‘Yes!’ I mean if you’re going to do it, do it right! So he got down on one knee and held the box up and said my full name then ‘Will you marry me?’

I thought in that moment I would have a thousand things to say and feelings to feel but I just said ‘Yes!’ and kissed him a lot. When these big moments happen, there’s no time to think or feel – you just react. It was him and me in a hotel room in that moment and the rest of the world didn’t matter.

He then passed me the ring box saying ‘I’ve been carrying this all day, it’s your responsibility now!’. Well that was the first time I actually looked at the ring. All I saw before that moment was him. So I looked at the ring and I remember just mostly feeling relief that it was gorgeous and I didn’t need to fake happiness.

We then finished up getting ready and left the hotel to go to The Moulin Rouge (I had wanted to go since I was 10 so this was a day for two things off my bucket list). There were a few friends I promised to message should he propose so we rang our immediate families and I snapped a quick pic of the ring in the only bit of light on the street to show my friends. You’ll notice I had a french manicure – just in case 🙂

My ring that night..

We then went to the Moulin Rouge where I think I stared at my ring more than the show. He knew that I never wanted an over the top proposal in a public place and I think he chose perfectly. I was in heaven with how the day went down and never wanted to leave our bubble.


I’ve been asked if I knew he was going to propose. I knew it was on the cards but I had no idea it would be that night in that hotel room in that way. I’m the organiser in the relationship and not knowing when or how something was going to happen was eating me up and he knew that. I’m so thrilled he did it in private and at the start of our vacation. As he put it ‘Now we can spend the whole time in Paris engaged’. How sweet!

When we got back home, I had also arranged for a huge birthday party with all our friends and family together where we announced it and the room went nuts. I’ll always love them for that reaction.

Share your proposal story below!
P.S. The featured image on this post is the exact spot where he proposed 🙂


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