Healthy Version of Christmas Dinner

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner this year then this post is for you. I’m going to go through each component of a Christmas Dinner and explain how you can shave the calories without losing flavour.

Roast Turkey

Serving a duck in a turkey in a goose is fun in novelty but it’s better for taste and calories to just serve 1 meat. Serve just enough to cover the amount of people you’re hosting for and keep it to a lean meat – like turkey – in FryLight for the low calorie option. 


Traditionally stuffing will be around 50cals a medium sized ball. As parts of the Christmas dinner go – it’s actually not that bad. Still, for the low calorie option limit the quantity you serve and consider shopping around to find the lowest calorie choice.


Vegetables are very low calorie but at Christmas they tend to get glazed in honey or boiled and then roasted in fat. The low calorie option is simply steam and serve.

Pigs in Blanket

Traditionally pigs in blanket are bacon wrapped mini sausages. These are around 82cals each and as they’re so mini, you can easily eat 5+ in one meal. The low calorie option is to get 1 100% pork sausage and wrap in low fat bacon medallions and cook with FryLight.

Yorkshire Puddings

Store purchased Yorkshire puddings are around 50-70 calories each. With them being so light and airy tasting, it’s easy to scoff 4 or more in one sitting. The low calorie option is to keep your puds small or just only serve 1 each. If you’re home making them, make them with FryLight rather than oil to reduce calories.


Growing up we would have mashed and roast potatoes for Christmas dinner. A serving of mash with butter, cheese and milk is around 400cals + and a serving of roast potatoes can be anywhere from 300cals+. It’s amazing to think I would wolf this down without a second thought. The low calorie option is to just make 1 batch and keep it small – either boil and mash fresh potatoes (without milk, cheese and butter) or part boil and roast a portion using FryLight.


I’m personally not a fan of sauces on a Christmas meal besides gravy. Cranberry sauce is 55cals per tablespoon, recurrent jelly is around 100cals per tablespoon and bread sauce is about 70cals per tablespoon. Gravy can taste amazing if made with the meat fat but can put you back 100+ cals. The low calorie option would be to avoid the sauce or simply portion out some Bisto gravy.

Drink (Alcoholic)

Some people view Christmas as a time to drink anything and pretend the calories don’t exist – but unfortunately they do. If you want to reduce the effect of your waste line then avoid the sugary drinks such as mulled wine, mead and cider and stick to vodka and a diet drink for the low calorie option

Drink (Non-Alcoholic)

I’ve wanted to like eggnog so much but personally I find it gross unless laden with rum – and then I may as well just have the rum and ignore the gooey mess. At 225cals per drinks it’s worse than some Starbucks sugary drink-desserts. The low calorie option for a non-alcoholic drink is to stick to pounding water or sipping diet drinks


Even a small Christmas pudding is around 300cals before any cream. Add in additional mince pies (200cal+ each), trifle (200cals+) and some yule log (300cal+) and you’ve got a pudding that rivals your dinner. The low calorie option is to have 1 small piece of 1 type of pudding or non at all – it’s not essential.


I hope I’ve been able to help you shave off some calories at Christmas. It’s likely that you’ll still maintain or even gain a pound but it’s going to be better than the 5 or 6 lbs we all usually put on!

Merry Christmas!


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