Winterise Your Garden

winterise your garden

Have you made your garden ready for winter yet?
Read this steps below and make sure your garden is a place you can enjoy when the sun goes in.

In this post, I’m presuming you’re not an enthused gardener. If you are then turn back now and this post is only about the basics and as far into gardens as I’ll ever delve. There are lots more things you should do if you’re a homeowner such as checking your chimney, making sure there’s no loose roof tiles etc. But assuming you’re like me, this is what I recommend to get your home ready for winter.

Step 1: Clear away everything you won’t need for 6months+

Brush / rake up all the leaves for disposal. The tree in our garden does sprout leaves again until around June so it’s worth doing once so it’s out of the way.

Hand tools and large garden tools need to have all the dirt cleaned off the blade / handle then rub some oil over the metal parts to prevent rust (or leave in a bucket of sand. Also rub sandpaper over the handle to remove any splinters. Anything like a pruner with a ‘scissor’ mechanism should be oiled.

Cover up and put away the BBQ and the summer table and chairs. We have a shed we can luckily throw everything in but make sure you cover with at least bin bags or it will get damaged.

Step 2: Create a cosy winter environment

Decide an area in the garden that will be your winter nook. It will be easier and cheaper to transform one area or corner than the whole garden.

Invest in some durable and low-maintenance furniture. Obviously buying furniture goes against the whole ‘frugal’ part of this blog but a good investment will mean you won’t have to buy anything else for your outside for 10years+. Pick something in a neutral colour like grey or brown so it doesn’t look too dated in the future.

Ensure protection from the elements in this cosy nook. Make sure there’s a cover thats adequate and your furniture is secure.

Step 3: Add homely comforts

Invest in a chiminea or fire pit to center the furniture around. It will keep you warm during winter social events and give everyone that beautiful glow.

Buy some insect-repelling candles such as citronella oil so keep the pests away whilst you socialise.

Add some brightly coloured cushions that can be stripped and washed when needed and stored inside during the rain.

String up some fairly lights. Solar powered are great as you can string up and leave them but the light is much weaker. It’s better to feed a cable inside for events if that’s possible.

Make music happen with a bluetooth speaker or portable boombox. Just remember to bring it in when you’re not using it.

Be dramatic with some furry throws to keep you and your guests warm.

Please share pics of your winter garden and leave a comment below if you have tried this.





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