A Perfect Picnic Wedding


We knew right off the bat that we wouldn’t be having a traditional wedding dinner with head tables, waiters and 3 course meals – it’s just a bit too fancy and expensive for us. Honestly, I’m a little obsessed with picnics. I think they’re comfortable, cheap, relaxing and fun to prep. That’s why for our wedding we are having a perfect picnic. Here’s the plan so far and I’ll update once we are further in!

The plan is to have large rugs laid out on the large grounds with cushions and throws dotted around with pallets to eat at. It’s fun, communal and cheap. One thing that’s helped with this so much so far is that my Dad is a retired builder so making the pallet tables have been easy however this might be the hardest bit if you’re doing this idea yourself.

picnic wedding

picnic wedding

The above pictures inspired us…

So far my Dad has made 15 pallet tables! It helps he has a wood guy. He also has a moss guy! So he is making this awesome runners for us to decorate.

picnic wedding

My Mum found these beer cases that will work in place of the picnic baskets. At just £1 each she purchased 32 so we can use them for other decor as well.

picnic wedding

In these, we will be having baguettes, hard cheese, pate, ham, salmon and other bits and bobs – enough to feed 4 people to a table. Thankfully Mum is a cook and used to budgeting food so she’s going to be an amazing help.

It’s coming together. If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions then I would love to hear them!

Comment below and tell me your tips.


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