My Gift List 2017

Below are my favourite items on my Christmas list this year. Leave a comment below with whats on your list!

My Fiancé and I set a limit of £150 for each other for Christmas – as in the past we’ve gone above and beyond and spent way too much money. We gave each other a list that came to about £150 but the rules are it’s just an inspiration list. Here’s 6 gifts from my list:


This candle burns for a while then it can be blown out and used as massage oil. It smells amazing too!

I actually don’t already have a dressing gown. I have some satin / silk ones but they aren’t too practical in the winter.

This brand ‘Bramleys’ was given to me to test and I’ve become hooked on the product. They smell fantastic.

A leather strap for my FitBit. I love my bracelet but don’t love the big rubber band the vanilla one comes with.

This is the only hair oil that makes a difference to my mane – I love it for my thick un-brushable hair.

My drink of choice is vodka and this bottle reminds me of all the beautiful buildings we saw in Russia last year.


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