My Bonfire Night 2017

trentham gardens bonfire night

Bonfire Night 2017 was possibly the first time I had been to a bonfire celebration in a decade – and I’m so glad we did. I decided to book us tickets to Trentham Gardens Fireworks Show. This is based near me but I can gaurentee there’s something like this near you.

Trentham Gardens is  a huge beautiful gardens with a mile wide lake, mazes, cafes, and an estate that usually costs £9 to get in. I’ve been twice in the past two years and even though I’m a cheapskate, it’s totally worth it. It’s by far the most beautiful area near me and I normally like to show it off to friends when they visit me.

This event was £11 and I’ve since been sent a free day ticket to redeem as a thank you for attending. Considering it’s normally £9 to get in, I think this event price is totally worth it.

Our night started at Pieminister for some dinner before we went in – my fiancé was aghast I’d never had one before so we nipped in whilst the queue into the gardens was still large. We should have set off earlier but by the time we got in, everything was in full swing. There was a roaring bonfire, fire performers, pop up food and coffee vans, families with excited kids… it was just a lovely atmosphere.

We took our place and we watched the gorgeous fireworks. I haven’t got many pictures as pictures of fireworks never look as good as they do in real life. The show was mirrored over the huge lake and set to Disney. If nothing else, the night was worth it for hearing Idina Menzel belt our her amazing voice over 40+ speakers! Fireworks were colour themed and synchronised to hits from Frozen, Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean & Harry Potter.

I highly recommend this event for anyone who lives in the area. Here’s a few of my favourite snaps from the night…

trentham gardens bonfire night

trentham gardens bonfire night

trentham gardens bonfire night

trentham gardens bonfire night

Leave a comment below with what you did this year for Bonfire Night 2017! 


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