3 Ways to Lose Weight When Travelling

A lot of people will see a holiday as a time to switch off from the ‘diet’. But pretend all you might, calories still count and if you travel regularly or are simply truly committed you maybe find yourself trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle no matter your location. 

I’ve been eating healthy when travelling for around 2 years now as I get fed up of feeling put back half a stone every time I came back from a trip – it was slowing my weight loss journey down. My last holiday I gorged on was New York in Nov 2015 where I came home the heaviest I’ve been in my life! I was 168lbs which is a BMI of 27.9 and technically overweight – I was mortified. Even on the holiday I knew that I was being unhealthy and upon my return I would need to do something drastic. We flew home on the Saturday and on the Monday I took my ‘before’ picture vowing never to eat that unhealthily again (and I haven’t!). My 3 Steps to Eating Low-Calorie When Travelling Are:

1. Treat Yourself to 1 Large Meal A Day

I advise anyone to do this when travelling – especially if you’re travelling to a place where food is cheap and unhealthy. When I go back to New York I will enjoy a big meal a day rather than what I did in Nov 2015 which was enjoy 3 high-calorie meals per day. 1 large meal can put you at maintenance but 3 or more will easily make you gain when travelling. Opt for low-cal lunches and light breakfasts to keep yourself from overeating.

2. Learn the Words For ‘With’ and ‘Without’

If you’re travelling to a same language country it can be very easy to ask for your vegetables steamed rather than fried and your chicken without the breadcrumbs but if you’re traveling to  a place where they do not speak the same language then it can be very hard to adapt your meals to your diet. If nothing else, learn the words for ‘with’ and ‘without’ so, for example, you can order your meal without the chips and with the salad.

3. Read the Nutrition Labels

If you’re sticking to the first rule, you might find yourself grabbing a quick bite to each from a shop. Prior to your visit, learn to read the nutrition labels in a way that pertains to you. Watching your weight? Look at the calories. Trying to reach a daily protein goal? Learn the word for protein and find it on the label.

P.S. Ignore public transport unless you really have to and walk everywhere. Recently in Paris I walked around 25,000 steps each day which certainly keeps the pounds off whilst seeing the beautiful city.

Leave a comment below with how you stay in shape when travelling!



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