How I Spent Halloween 2017

Last year we hosted Halloween and it was hella fun but also exhausting. This year we took the foot of the pedal and visited our friends Kat and Ben where we attended their amazing Halloween party.

Below is the only picture I have of my outfit so sorry for the potato quality picture! I was very proud of my outfit and it worked really well with my pale skin and dark long hair. The dress was from Primark for £8 and my shirt was one I already owned from H&M. Total cost: £8!

wednesday addams outfit

Kat laid out an amazing spread and a friend of ours brought around samosas meaning that I ate about 3000+ calories – my worst day in a long time! But it was so much fun and I’m proud of the work I’ve put in to be able to have a night like this once in a while without freaking out.

We played a drinking game with Scream but ended up quoting Scary Movie throughout! It was such a fun night and Kat very kindly drove us back home in the morning. Our total cost for the night was around £30 – for my outfit, my fiancé’s outfit and our train ticket there. Not a bad cost for an amazing night out.

What did you do for Halloween 2017 and how did you do it on a budget? Leave a response below…


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