5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Under £10

If you’ve got plans tonight and nothing to wear then this is the list for you!

Cat Burglar

It’s unisex, it’s cheap to make as you probably already own 75% of what you need and it’s recognisable.

Any Animal (Onesie)

I fully endorse this idea as it can be used again as a onesie throughout winter, it’s quite cheap (places like Primark sell them for £10), the whole costume is in one (might just want to add some face paint) and it’s hilariously lazy.

A Sim
Very cheap to do. All you need to do is dress normal then have one of these sticking out your head. There on loads of DIY tutorials online, all of which from what I can see, costing you less than £10. Instantly recognisable and cheap.

404 Error

Lazy? Yes. Original? No. Funny? I think so.
Even more funny and lazy if you get a plain white tee and just scribble it on in pen. Shows you kind forgot, show you kinda don’t care.

And my final idea for a last minute cheap costume is to…

Dress as your Significant Other
The amazing part about this is that it’s absolutely free. Everything you need to look like them is in the wardrobe! If you share friends, everyone should know exactly who you are.



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