One Big Healthy Food Shop

Going into the supermarket or ordering online can be a daunting task at the start of your healthy journey. Well I’ve put together a very basic shopping list that should be the bones for your food shop. It’s full of healthy food that should start you off on the right path.

It’s really basic as I don’t know what food you like or don’t like. But I find these foods to help me keep on track with losing and maintaining my weight. Also don’t forget to check out my Seasonality Table blog post for a whole bunch of advice on buying fruit and vegetables in season.

Order these often and keep stocked up.

Mix these items up. You don’t need to stock fully up on them (and infact doing so might increase waste as we don’t tend to cook with more than 5/6 ingredients at once) you can just add a few in at the end that you fancy trying. Always make sure you do use them otherwise you’re just creating more waste.

These are items that won’t hurt you in small doses. Have a few bits every now and then as a treat.


Staple Variety Treat
Mushrooms Courgette Feta cheese
Red onion Brussel Sprouts
Peppers Kale
Eggs Spinach
Milk Chilli dipping sauce
Light Laughing Cow triangles Pesto
Plain yoghurt Mustard
Garlic Aubergine
Passata Carrots
Cous Cous Quinoa Milk chocolate
Brown rice Wholewheat spaghetti Peanut butter
Wholewheat noodles Wholewheat pasta Nakd bars
Weight Watchers Malted Danish Bananas
Porridge Cashews
Tuna Almonds
Rye crackers Walnuts
Oxo cubes Dark chocolate
Low-cal sauces Rice cakes
Soup Any baked crisps
Mixed beans Low-cal instant noodle pots
Apples Low-cal instant rice pots
Chicken fillets Low-cal frozen meals
Chicken diced Vegetarian sausages
Lean mince Bean burgers
Quorn mince Vegetable falafals
Cod Gosh vegan patties
Broccoli Frozen berries
Cauliflower Oppo ice cream
Carrots Low-cal frozen pudding
Heck sausages
Squash Skinny syrups Vodka
Diet soda Skinny foam Coors light beer
Options hot chocolate
Azera coffee
Yorkshire tea bags
Fruit tea
Green tea
Different tea / coffee to try
Canderal Sweetener

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