‘Preloved Kilo’ Review

Preloved Kilo are a 2-year old company with a fantastic premise. They bring 6 tonnes of vintage clothing to your city on the weekend and set up endless racks for you to pursue and search through. If you’re a fan of charity shopping then image your favourite 10 stores in one big hall. 

preloved kilo

preloved kilo

Preloved Kilo has an brilliant pricing strategy which is also quite simple. You are given a clear plastic bag on entry which you can fill up as you find clothing you want to buy. At the end your bag is weighed and every 1kg is priced at just £15 (knowing this I avoided big winter coats, shoes and bags!)

preloved kiloKings Hall, Stoke

 Going in I expected it to be very busy based off their social media but pleasantly it was quiet for the first 30mins then it felt like the whole of stoke turned up at once. If you visit, it makes the world of difference to be at the front of the queue as you’ll have first dibs of the racks. As items were purchased, the very helpful staff continued to put out new items so you always had fresh clothing to look at.

Based off other reviews, I expected it to be around 90% ‘old’ vintage clothing but I was happy to see there were branded items such as Levi’s, North Face and Nike mixed in the rails. The thought did cross my mind to buy a few things to flip but there were ‘professionals’ there taking care of that. I spotted at least 3 people with trolleys already full of clear bags who were on a mission! I would bet money this was their living with the way they were powering through.

preloved kilo Shifting through the racks

The only negative thing I’ve got to say about this wonderful experience is the other people there! When faced with a bargain people seemed to go nuts (e.g. Black Friday). I’d be happily searching through the racks and someone would shove them along with no care. Normal retail politeness doesn’t exist but if you know that going in, you can keep up with the chaos.

When it’s time to pay, you take your clear bag(s!) to the paying station where the staff weigh it and give you your total. I purchased 3 skirts and a heavy jumper which came to £24 – a price I was happy to pay. My fiancé got 2 pairs of Levi jeans and a heavy Nike hoodie for £31.  There were plenty of big heavy camo jackets, leather coats and suede jackets but I wanted to keep my price low for my first event.

 My bag in the bucket. 1.6kg = £24

I really recommend following them on Facebook @PreLoved Kilo to find when they are next in your hometown! It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go to another one.

preloved kilo

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to one before and what you purchased. Happy preloved shopping!


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