The Best Presents Gifts To Give

Christmas is two months away but if you’re reading this blog, you’re likely someone who knows that amazing presents are budgeted for and planning – not panic-found on the Saturday before Christmas at the supermarket. Here’s a simple guide on my thoughts of the 5 perfect types of presents to get someone.

Also to help, take a peek at how much to budget for Christmas presents so you find everything below for a good price.

Items They Use

Buying someone something they need is always better. I have a 4-drawer cabinet that is filled to the brim with cosmetics that could last me a lifetime. Gift sets and generic products like moisturizers are great as a last resort but make an effort to find a product that they will use, need and thank you for. I always check social media feeds when searching for ideas, as people will post what they use and love.

Money Towards Pushing Them Further In Life

If a friend or family member needs something that will push them forward in life then why not buy them that? For example you could pay for their driving test, buy them a voucher towards a treatment they’re self-conscious about or money towards a course they want to do to progress their career. I love these type of presents and they really help a person at their core.

Passion and Hobby Related Gifts

If you’re close enough to someone to buy them a present, you’re close enough to know about their favourite hobby. Buying them something towards their hobby is a great present as they will use it and it shows you’ve been listening to them harp on about their hobby all year. Although don’t get this wrong as it will be a waste of money, they wont end up using it and it will lead to an awkward ‘thanks’. If in doubt buy a voucher towards a shop that sells their hobby-related items so at least they can pick out what they need.

Treats They Would Never Buy Themselves

Some of friends are quite frugal like me and would never buy themselves something that was not a ‘productive item’. They are practical with their money but who doesn’t like some flowers, a spa day or a meal out. The most frugal people are the most deserving and in need of a good pamper time.


I’ve said vouchers quite a lot in this post and that’s because I believe there is nothing taboo or last-minute about them – if it’s the right one! Buying a generic supermarket voucher might be a little lame but if it was for a new student moving out from home for the first time then it’s perfect. Also buying a voucher for their favourite hobby-shop or towards a business they will use like a restaurant or spa shows that you’re looking to give them a good experience rather than another thing that will clutter their house.

And also ake a look at what I think are also the 5 worst presents to buy someone so you don’t make any major mistakes

Happy early budget-friendly Christmas shopping 🙂


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