10 Ways to Avoid The Office Temptations

Working in an office environment is hard on your healthy lifestyle. It’s always someones birthday – which means cake. Or the Office Mum has baked cookies for everyone just cause. Or perhaps the boss has brought in some cupcakes to say thank you for staying late last week. Below are my top tips for avoiding those office temptations.

  1. Eat breakfast. Have a complex carb, high protein breakfast so you’re not hungry until after noon.
  2. Avoid sugar. Sure have a tea or coffee but don’t have the sugar as they add up throughout the day
  3. Pre-log your cals. I recommend using an app called MyFitnessPal. You’ll be less tempted knowing you’ve got to save your cals to enjoy your dinner more.
  4. Drink green tea. Stock up your desk with green tea – it’s 0 cal and amazing for you.
  5. Chug water. Get a big bottle of water and chug it as much as possible throughout the day.
  6. Healthy grazing. Prepare or take healthy snacks to work that you know are low-cal. The more low-cal you’ll eat will stop you reaching for the treats in the break room. And keep those healthy snacks in a drawer just incase you eat your weeks worth in a day.
  7. Don’t leave the office at lunch. Prepare your lunches beforehand so you won’t feel tempted by the supermarkets delights.
  8. Out of sight, out of mind. If people have brought in unhealthy snacks, just move them out of eyeliner or ask them to be put in a drawer.
  9. Actually do work! Be so busy that you don’t think about food. Keep focused and you won’t pig out.
  10. Learn to say no. Soon the Office Feeder will stop offering you snacks if you say no long enough.

And, if you’re having a bad day and you know you are going to snack at work then take the cupcake, flapjack or doughnut and split it up into portions of how many hours you have left in the shift. Then each hour have a small amount to ration it out. You’re still taking in the calories but you’re making it last and at least you won’t have 2-3 in one sitting at lunch!



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