As I Was Going to the Wedding Fair…

”Try, buy, book and hire everything you need for your special day at the UK’s Biggest Wedding Show! With over 300 wedding specialists from bridal boutiques and florists to jewellers and photographers! The Birmingham Wedding Show is the ultimate wedding shopping experience! With all this and so much more to offer the show is a great day out for the whole bridal party”

– Via The National Wedding Show

My Mum and I recently attended The National Wedding Show at Birmingham’s NEC. Here’s the show guide for more information but it was as described – lots of vendors in one roof for a £14 ticket. On the whole it was an fun experience however something I feel I only need to do once. I definitely feel this is because I’m frugal at heart and was looking for inspiration to go home and make cheaper myself. But everything on offer was just something I wasn’t going to spend money on anyway.

I have previously exhibited at the NEC before and the hall we were placed in for work was HUGE. The hall for this event was one of the smaller ones. Previously when I’ve been working I felt like I barely had enough time to see a quarter of the stalls on my hour lunch break however with this event my Mum and I were done in a few hours having seen every stall twice.

There was naturally a lot of repetition with many dress stands, many photography stands and many venue stands. I thought there would be a lot more of the ‘other’ things such as table decorations, alternative ideas and experiences but it was 90% the dresses, venues and photography services – not a bad thing if you want them all together in one room to see your options but since I’m trying to bring this wedding in for cheap, I was ‘ignoring’ 90% of the room!

One good thing that came out of this was that I finally tried on my first wedding dress. I felt it was still a little too early but I would show my Mum different options (tea dress, tight, ballgown etc) to help her when she’s looking for my cheaper version. She’s sending me pics anyway – might as well be what suits me. The experience was fun and what I thought it would be. I was mostly just shocked at how heavy they are! I couldn’t imagine spending the day in something that heavy. Whatever dress I pick, it will be ‘light’ enough to move throughout the day in. I was also surprised by how great the dresses looking on me despite me not being at my goal weight’ but if you’re spending £1000+ on something, it’s designed to make you look amazing no matter your size.

I was hoping to come away with more inspiration but if I’m honesty I came away thinking that there’s just so much money to be wasted on a wedding. These events make you feel like you need to get the best of the best for even minor details. You need flowers? Well here’s 20 vendors under one roof who will try to sell you their bouquets because they are the ‘best’. Well no-ones stood there suggesting that you could pick fresh flowers the morning of your wedding for free because who can make money from that!?

I don’t feel the need to attend another show like this as if anything, it’s just solidified the desire to not throw away money on the little details. My wedding will be perfect because it will be perfect to us and we won’t get into debt doing it our way!


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