How Much To Spend On Christmas Presents

Christmas is wonderful time but it can turn into an expensive one too. Every year my fiancé and I make a budget of what to spend on whom and every year we overspend. Well this year as we are saving for a house and wedding we are truly going to stay on budget. Here’s how you can too.

Christmas is about giving. I am not a religious person but like most atheists, I still celebrate Christmas. It’s a wonderful time to get together with your loved ones and give presents. However I’m baffled at what people think they have to spend for a gift! If you know someone well enough to give them a present, you should know what small thing you can give them to improve their life – that won’t cost you a month’s wage.

Providing you have a good relationship with your parent, it’s worth spending around £30-50 on each of them. My parents are easy to buy for so it’s a bit of a slam dunk and if I get the present early enough – like now in October – I can get them wrapped and ready before it’s even November!

It’s easy for me to say that it’s appropriate to spend around £30-50 per sibling as I only have 1! If you come from a large family, suggest secret santa to keep costs down.

I would spend around £20-30 per niece / nephew however again, I only have 1 so that’s easy to say. I usually give my niece vouchers to a cosmetic company so she can go and pick something out she wouldn’t be able to afford usually. If you have a lot of niblings then consider a secret santa with the parents or a set £10 on a voucher to each of them.

I could easily spend hundreds and hundreds on my long term significant other. A few birthdays ago I spent close to £700 which was ridiculous but I couldn’t stop spending as I wanted to show him my love. To stop yourself doing this, set a budget that’s appropriate for your means. This year I think we are doing just £100 each for what can fit in a stocking! A cute idea that won’t clutter up the house.

It’s hard to say what to spend on a short term partner but I would recommend only buying something if you see yourself with them next Christmas. Up to £30 seems a decent amount to me. Think of something they’ve mentioned thats a sweet gift to make their Christmas better.

A best friend is always deserving of a gift. To keep costs down (if you’re worried about over spending) put a monetary limit on presents together or do joke presents such as ‘most useful thing for under £5’.

You should buy a gift for a good friend only if you want that friendship to build as it shows you think of them around the holidays. £5 and under is appropriate such as a fun mug or a pamper set.

A colleague should only get a present if you would buy them a present regardless of if you worked with them or not. I have a few people at work that I would like to think I would hang out with even if one of us left. Something for £10 or less is appropriate.

A present for your boss should be something not too personal as you don’t want to overstep. Personally a bottle of their favourite wine with a note saying ‘Thanks for putting up with me!’ always works a charm.

These are all the people I would recommend you buy presents for. Anyone else can enjoy a heartfelt message in a card. If you think someone not not on this list may buy you a present then have a quick chat with them and say you’re not really doing presents this year.

Challenging yourself to pick the perfect gift for under a price is a great way to push yourself to think of that they really want rather than picking up the first thing you find!

Happy shopping!


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